Creativa is an interactive tool, that aims to provide an image of the cultural and creative potential of Timisoara.

Creativa is an open platform for individuals or groups who can offer creative answers to various challenges, being at the same time a medium for creative exposure and a resource for all those who need creative impulses in their projects.

Creativa is, by its nature, in a continuous change: you can meet on the platform only those who have chosen to register, so a more accurate representation of the creative potential of Timisoara depends largely on the number of those who know this project. Help us make it known!

Creativa is a plaform in testing (at its first version), for which we are waiting for suggestions of improvement, development or replication, so if you have any proposals of optimization or if you think you could implement Creativa in other cities, you can write to us at creativa@faber.ro.

Creativa is a project initiated and supported by Faber Association - that would like to thank all those who helped with its development:

Implementation team
Alexandra-Maria Rigler, Alex Iliescu, Andreea Iager-Tako, Andrei Drăcea, Bogdan Cotîrță, Costin Bleotu, Pepe Peralta Guerrero, Val Mureșan

Alexandru Ciobotă, Alexandru Lorinți, Ana Kun, Andreas Samuelsson, Atelier Bobar, Bianca Băilă, Cristian Boldișteanu, Diana Marincu, Dragoș Miștorică, Emilia Szuszmann, Gabriel Amza, Hotvath Octavian Nicolae, Levente Kozma, Lia Pfeiffer, Livia Coloji, Loredana Gaiță, Manu Anghelescu, Mihai Drăgan, Monica Diaconu, Ovidiu Hrin, Ovidiu Zimcea, Pusha Petrov, Roxana Puriș, Sasha Bodeanu, Seba Tătaru, Sorin Chiuzbaian, Zoltan Bereczi and many more.